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About Us

Activewear is traditionally and theoretically defined as clothing to be worn just for exercise. However, those days are long gone. Activewear, especially in Australia, is EVERYWHERE these days. And why not? It’s so comfortable to wear and with the right styles you can wear it even if you’re not planning on doing anything remotely active that day.
Ultra Active is an Australian activewear brand designed specifically for women - by women.
Trust us when we say, we know how busy women can be, we really get it. We’ve been there. Between our careers, studies, relationships, kids, exercise and social obligations life is a juggling act. Only women understand what women go through. We live in a judgemental world where no matter what we do, how we look, what we wear or what we say someone will always have an opinion.
At Ultra Active, we believe that confidence is beauty. A woman that is confident radiates strength, passion and conviction. We are all about girl power, which is why we have designed activewear that will not only make you look like you’re slaying in the fashion department, but make you feel so incredibly comfortable that you will exude confidence.
Our clothes are made of our unique fabrics which are cotton feel like, tight-knitted, 4-way stretchable, no see through and moisture wicking that support you in whatever activities you are in. What makes our collections even better is that almost all of lowers comes with pockets, so we can out our girly things in there. Besides..... who doesn’t need pockets?
Ultra Active is 100% Australian owned and all our collections have been designed in Australia.